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Walther Lefeldt


This Website documents my artistic and musical work and applies both to art-interested visitors as well as to friends of contemporary and classical music.
The site is divided into a general part and into categories of arts and music.
You can navigate through the general part with the upper navigationbar which contains besides the starter page the common links to Search function, Contact, Legal notice and Links.

The category "Art" shows the visual work of four decades and includes the subcategories Painting I and II (small formats), Graphics (drawings, experimental photographic and computer images), Photography and a documentation with an exhibition index, which includes dates and texts.

The "Music" category contains a selection of my own compositions and an index of piano music with recordings of my piano repertoire. The categories of Compositions and Piano Music both contain notes about the compositions only in the German section of this site. In the Documentation you can find a repertoire index, concert discussions, live recordings and a catalogue of works.
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